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Comfortable temperature keeping

This is the process using the latent heat, which is absorbed or discharged when the material changes to the liquid or solid.

The latent heat?

Put the ice and water into the beaker and set the water temperature 0 centigrade. And in heating from under the beaker the water temperature doesn’t go up from 0 centigrade and just the ice melts. After a period of time, the water temperature will go up.

Then where has the heat energy gone?

This heat energy is used for melting the ice. At this time, this heat energy is named the heat of melting or the latent heat.

In fact, the latent heat is the heat energy absorbed or discharged when the material changes in solid, liquid and gas.

PRETHEMO is that has this temperature 25 or 31 centigrade, comfortable temperature for human, changed from 0 centigrade.

Thermal change of PRETHERMO

PRETHERMO description


Sister product

Pellet type

Powder type

Concentration of processing and the quantity of formalin solve out

Formaldehydet test Ministry of Health and Welfare 1974 No.34

10% processing 20% processing 30% processing
under 20ppm 30ppm 30ppm

The standard of formalin solve out for clothing(inner cloth) is under 75ppm.

Test: Tokyo metropolitan industrial technique laboratory

The diffusion formalin after processing is under detection limit(0.3mg/L).

Electron micrograph (10,000 time)

Electron micrograph (1,000 time)

Electron micrograph (500 time)

Particle size distribution

Effect measurement

Set room temperature 20 or 36 centigrade and add cold and hot heat. Then measure the surface temperature of untreated and treated fabrics.

Neo Thermo TVS-700

Measurement scenery